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Palmetto Clinical Research (PCR) is currently conducting paid clinical trials is Charleston and Summerville, SC.  Volunteers for our drug studies and other paid medical studies receive comprehensive medical care, testing, health evaluations, and trial medications. When you join a study, you become part of a team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. Our staff loves what they do and you will feel that joy every time you come in. We believe in what we do.

The purpose of medical trials is to advance healthcare for everyone. Every medication, every device, every vaccine, and every tool used to diagnose, prevent, manage, and cure disease had to be tested before it could be made available to the general public. Every trial is carefully designed and monitored to measure the success of each new product or theory. Volunteers are thoroughly vetted to make certain they meet the exact criteria of each study. All of the trials at PCR are subject to the rules and regulations of the FDA and each patient volunteer signs an informed consent. We believe in this process and are committed to conducting quality research and in caring for our volunteers.

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Paid Clinical Trials


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Clinical research helps advance medical knowledge by testing the safety and efficacy of new pharmaceuticals and products. Clinical trials are often on the cutting edge of medicine and offer insight into exciting new therapies. Qualifying patients receive, at no cost, physician visits, study related care including lab work and ECGs, and study related medication. Compensation for time and travel is also available.

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Our mission is to partner with patients in our community interested in advancing medicine through clinical research, while ensuring quality care and the highest ethical standards.