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Paid Clinical Studies – Charleston




Palmetto Clinical Research is currently seeking volunteers for paid clinical trials in Charleston, SC. Participants in many of our clinical research studies receive comprehensive medical care, regular health checks, medical testing, and access to trial medications and devices. Our team of research and healthcare professionals is unmatched. When you volunteer with us to participate in a research study, not only do you have access to excellent healthcare, but you play a critical role in the ongoing search for ways to improve the health and lives of future patients.

Paid medical studies come in three general forms:

  • Tests to determine better ways to intervene with diseases, including medications and medical devices.
  • Tests to find more effective ways to diagnose diseases and other health problems by analyzing risk factors and other medical conditions.
  • Tests of methods that help prevent disease, such as vaccines or lifestyle changes.

At any given time, PCR may be conducting paid medical trials that focus on one or more of those areas. Our studies are all subject to federal safety regulations and are carefully and regularly reviewed. Patients sign an informed consent before beginning treatment, and have the right to withdraw at any time for any reason.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for any of our current studies!