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Palmetto Clinical Research is currently conducting paid clinical trials in Dorchester, SC. Our professional research teams, led by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare experts, are working together to develop and test some of the most advanced ideas in modern medicine. These clinical research studies are funded by various groups, including volunteers, medical groups, academic centers, and pharmaceutical companies. We study disease interventions, including medications and devices; disease prevention, including vaccines, lifestyle changes, and medicines. We also perform disease diagnoses, including risk factor analysis and medical testing.

Patients who participate in our paid medical trials receive excellent care. Once you’re accepted into a study based on the specific criteria, you belong to a team of medical and research professionals who have your health and well-being as their primary concern. Your health will be carefully evaluated, a treatment program will be developed, and your progress will be measured vigilantly. Participations also gives patients access to medical treatments that are not currently available to the public.

Patients enter into the study via the informed consent process where providers clearly explain the information about the study. Informed consent is not a contract and patients may withdraw at any time for any reason. Studies that are federally supported or involve materials regulated by the FDA are subject to review by an IRB (Institutional Review Board) to ensure their safety.

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Paid Medical Trials - Dorchester