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Paid Clinical Trials – Summerville

Paid clinical trials are currently being done in Summerville, SC. In very general terms, these are done to assist the medical community in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. More specifically, paid medical studies typically involve testing one of the following:

  • Treating—Interventions for treating diseases, syndromes, and conditions might include things like medications or devices.
  • Preventing—Preventive techniques include things such as vaccines, medication, or lifestyle changes.
  • Diagnosing—Medical professionals test methods of detecting health problems and evaluate and identify risk factors.

Paid medical trials are led by a principal investigator, usually an MD, and are run by a team of other medical professionals that might include nurses, social workers, and other physicians.

Clinical studies have very specific standards about who can participate. These standards are called inclusion or exclusion criteria. These criteria vary from study to study and are important to the validity of the results. Examples of possible criteria are age, gender, disease specifics, previous treatments, or the presence of other medical conditions.

Everyone participating in a clinical trial benefits. First, patients benefit from access to advanced medical practices, greater treatment options, and an increased level of individualized care, all at greatly reduced costs. Second, medical professionals benefit from the learning that takes place during a trial, making them better able to treat future patients with similar conditions. And finally, society as a whole benefits as medicine becomes more advanced.